Professional Body Piercings

I only pierce with  sterile MEDICAL GRADE TITANIUM. All piercings include jewellery in the price of the piercings.

I am now able to offer you a range of different styles of jewellery for your first piercings, If you choose alternate jewellery this will incur an extra cost (to be discussed at appointment)

I will only pierce children from 8 years of age and with the child’s consent.

Piercings are trendy, super stylish, and let’s not forget downright sexy and while the traditional earlobe piercing has been around for ages, it seems like non-traditional ear-piercing locations have been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years. We’re going to take a look at some of the coolest, most modern and totally DIFFERENT ear-piercing types- all of which will leave you with a totally ravishing yet still dainty and feminine appearance.

1. Earlobe, usually the first piercing 8 years plus only (with the child’s consent)

Yes I know this is nothing new . In fact, the earlobe piecing could easily be referred to as the foundation of all ear piercings. The oldest and most traditional piercing that we’ve probably all had since we were 12 years old, that doesn’t mean it’s not ridiculously cute and feminine, and an added bonus, earlobe piercings don’t hurt practically at all- we’d give it a 2 out of 10 on the pain charts, and calms down within minutes £30.00 for both ears


Daith £35.00 Located just above the ear canal. An awesome piercing (many people say that they are headache free after this piercing, but I do not claim I can cure your headaches). Ask about the jewellery we stock to give this piercing extra bling once healed

Scaffold £40.00.                                                                                                     is actually 2 piercings at either side of the ear with one bar going through both piercings

Tragus £30.00                                                                                                        Placed to the side of the head above lower lobe, an extremely popular piercing

Conch £30.00                                                                                                             Inside the ear, getting very popular


Rook £35.00

Helix £25.00

We recommend that you get the Helix and forward Helix piercings done at intervals to allow for better healing

Forward Helix £30.00

Forward Tragus £30,00



Tiffany Balls



Nose Piercings £25.00

Septum piercing £30.00                                                                                                          With Tiffany Balls   £36.00



Nipple piercings

Most women will automatically place their hands over their breast as soon as you say the words “nipple piercing”                          Will it hurt?  I don’t know. I am putting a needle through your nipple so you are going to feel something How much it will hurt I cannot say as we all reacted different to pain.

On the plus side, I am a very quick piercer. Nearly everyone has both done at the same time (so it cannot be that painful) and it does look super sexy.

Tiffany Balls

Nipple piercing on plain jewellery     1= £40          both £55.00

With Tiffany Jewellery                          1 = £45         both £60.00


Most Facial Piercings £20,00

There is something so ridiculously cute about a tragus piercing. It’s like, the perfect little accenting accessory you always dreamed of having, and the best part is, you don’t have to remember to put it on every morning like an ankle bracelet or a ring. Aside from being adorable in every sense of the word, tragus piercings are also one of THEE most popular piercings in the female community, and we can see why! We’re madly in love with this cute little star, but you could literally put any piece of jewelry in this spot and it would look lovely. If you don’t want to go overboard with your next piercing and just want to keep things cute and simple, we highly recommend the tragus!


 Please ask for a price, reductions for multiple piercingsale & Male Nipple Piercing From £3-.00

parents or guardians must accompany under 16 year old and consent and stay the duration of the piercing, If you look under 16 years of age photo ID will be required, Be on the safe side bring photo ID

All treatments are carried out by Caroline Murphy  (fully licensed premises and body piercer ) Single use sterile needles for each piercing, sterile equipment and tools

For prices and to book online click on the book now link above

Can not see the piercing you want please come and ask us.

Should I pierce my ears?
Ear piercing is a procedure done mainly for cosmetic reasons. There are no health reasons to get your ears pierced and most people get their ears pierced due to personal or cultural preferences.

What is the best age at which to get my ears pierced?

There is no medical evidence to support any age restrictions. Whatever age you decide on, it’s essential that you choose where you have the procedure done carefully. For some newborns, the ear lobe is really small and we may need to wait a while, I will not pierce anyone under 3 years

What are the risks of ear piercing?

Infection – Anytime the skin is broken there is the risk of infection. We use sterile techniques to prevent this. Our patient education material provides detailed instruction on after-care for the ear lobes. Our technique is bloodless and our single-use sterile cartridges eliminate cross-contamination.

Pain – The procedure causes minimal pain. However, since we are physician owned and supervised, we are able to perform your ear piercing with topical anesthesia if you so prefer.

Allergic reactions – Allergies to nickel and other components of earrings can occur. At Medical Ear Piercing Clinics, we use medical grade materials and earrings to prevent allergies.

Keloids – Keloids are excessive scar tissue that forms around a wound. Keloids may occur after ear piercing, and are 80% more likely to occur if ears are pierced after age 11. Other risk factors for keloids include dark skin, previous keloid formation, and nickel containing earrings.

Do you use a piercing gun?  No.  We pierce with needles unless it is the first lower lobes We do not pierce with a traditional gun. Instead, we use a encapsulated cassette which is mounted on a piercing instrument for sterile hygienic purposes. This is a no-touch system that protects everyone from contamination. Conventional ear piercing instruments always come in contact with the customer’s ear, and therefore need to be sterilized after each ear is pierced. The medical ear piercing system uses sterile disposable cassettes to house the earring, meaning the instrument never comes in contact with the ear!

Can I swim after I pierce my ears?
Chlorine and the bacteria in un-chlorinated waters may both irritate your newly pierced ears. It is therefore recommended that you wait 5-7 days after your piercing.

Can I bring my own earrings
In order to reduce the risk of infection and nickel allergy, we only use our medically sterile earrings.

What does it feel like? Does it hurt?
It feels like getting a shot at the doctors. The actual piercing happens in an instant. For a few moments after the piercing, your earlobe feels warm and flushed.

My kids want to have their ears pierced. I have heard that ear piercing can cause nickel allergies. Is that true?
The ear piercing procedure as such cannot cause an allergic reaction to nickel. It is the material that some earrings are made of which can cause these reactions. All earrings made of metal contain nickel more or less — even gold and silver. Therefore we recommend that your kids get their ears pierced with medical grade titanium

Is gold less allergenic than titanium and therefore better for ear piercing?
Nickel is sometimes used as a metal hardener, even in gold earrings. Also all metals can be contaminated by nickel. Medical grade titanium is your best choice for a metal based earring because it is > 99% nickel free and is least likely to leak any nickel into the skin. Please note that medical grade titanium is a much better grade than the titanium available in other earrings.

Why do I need to clean my ear with salt water ?
An ear piercing means is a break in the skin or a clean wound. There are two kinds of wounds- non-infected wounds and infected wounds. Infected wounds require an antibiotic while an ear piercing (which is a non-infected wound) should be left CLEAN, DRY and OPEN TO AIR.. Signs of infection include, redness, swelling and discharge after the first few days. If the piercing does become infected see below.

Why shouldn’t I twist the earrings during the healing period?
Twisting the earrings can cause rebruising of the newly forming canal and therefore increases healing time. Constant handling of the ear piercing, especially without careful cleaning of hands and earlobe, can result in an infection. Our medical grade earrings are skin friendly and should not embed into skin.

For how long should I wear the ear piercing earrings?
We recommend that you wait for at least six weeks before you remove the ear piercing earring. This because it takes about that amount of time for a newly pierced earring tunnel to heal. Removal of the earring before the 6 week period could lead to bruising, bleeding, increased risk of infection or closing of the new piercing hole.

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