Onyfix Nail Correction


If you are unfortunate to suffer from in-growing, involuted or pincer nails this could be the treatment for you.

Onyfix toenail correction system is a completely new way to correct painful problematic toe nails and is brand new to the UK

The Onyfix system is a class 1 medical device that has been designed to correct painful ingrowing, involuted and pincer nails through the application of a 2mm band of resin applied directly to the nail. As the nail grows the applied resin band gradually lifts curved nails into correct alignment without pain or the need for surgery.

Onyfix allows the nail to grow out into a natural shape in a tension and pain free process. The resin band remains on the nail until the the nail passes through the entire growth cycle, from the base to the tip, guiding the nail into a natural shape throughout the process.

Your Onyfix system will be regularly monitored and there may be a requirement for more bands to be added depending on the nail deformation and desired future shape.  Severely involuted nails may require a band and a half band at beginning of treatment.

The whole process is pain free and is also suited for problematic nails on children

Onyfix is a grade 1 medical device. Full band £40.00, half band £25.00.

Nail varnish may still be applied but we do not recommend gel.

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