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Acne, combination skin, blocked pores

There are many reasons on why we have acne skin and its severity,  hormones  called androgens  appear to be part of the underlying mechanism, by causing increased production of sebum Another common factor is the excessive growth of the bacterium Cutibacterium acnes which is present on the skin.. We all have flora living on our skin The skin microflora are microorganisms that are resident on our skin. Microflora are frequently (and more correctly) called the skin microbiota or the skin microbiom 

Acne facials, reduce oil production, reduces skin thickening, controls and reduces acne bacteria and calms and smooths inflammation. By having an acne facial treatment you help normalise skin cell production preventing the backlog of dead skin cells that lead to the development of blackhead and whiteheads. Acne facials helps prevent inflammation that leads to breakout as well as reducing acne scarring risks and unsightly inflamed spots. Skin should be a ph. of around 5.5

If you suffer from acne or have large pores, it is important that you use the correct oils and creams. The lotions used in an anti-ageing facial are to rich and skin clogging to acne skin and even the massage itself—can cause a breakout. At The Hub we only use serums that are designed for acne prone and large pore skin. All products used are aiming to get your skin to this PH level

our acne facial treatments varies in price depending on how severe your acne is, If you have large pores and acne scarring then you may want to have a look at micro-needling and Mesotherapy using pharma grade ingredients

Acne control renew and refresh treatment price £62.00


pure skin peel

Blue Light Therapy and Beta-Glucan Hydrogel Mask  (cooling / moisturizing

Super Salicylic Fluid

A revolutionary serum for acneic skin, formulated to reduce active acne, oily skin and open pores.

Super Salicylic Fluid contains active ingredients: betaine salicylate, niacinamide, ZincPCA and hyaluronic acid.

Betaine salicylate is created by combining both salicylic acid and betaine together. This makes betaine salicylate a keratolytic agent (exfoliant), similar to salicylic acid, but it is gentler on the skin.


This product can be applied to clean skin morning and night.

You can buy Super Salicylic fluid for £32.00 at your appointment retail price £46.00


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