Toe nail reconstruction

Before and after on male customer






Embarrassed to show your feet ? Are you really fed up with wearing your trainers or shoes when everyone else are walking around in sandals?  This treatment is for male and female.

Toenail reconstruction (aesthetic toenail correction) is a simple and painless process which enhances damaged or discoloured toenails, improving the overall appearance of your feet.

Topical antifungal preparations may continue to be used with Toeflex reconstructed nails and unlike nail-bar style, traditional acrylic nails or gels, will not damage the natural toenail as it regrows.

Toeflex is perfect for toenail reconstructions as is lighter, stronger and easier to use than any traditional gel product in use today. Toeflex is a poly-acryl Gel, it is neither an acrylic nor a gel. It is a hybrid-system which combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one system . Toe flex can be varnished or gelled or can come in natural skin tone

  • LIGHT – You won’t know they’re wearing it
  • STRONG – Strong and long lasting, even when applied thinly
  • FLEXIBLE – flexes like a natural nail, cuts easily
  • SAFE – No strong odours
  • CLEAN AIR – the filings particles are heavy, so no airborne dust
  • HYGIENIC – Delivered in a tube,
  • EASY – Fast application
  • FLAWLESS – So easy to work with, gives a flawless finish every time
  • Made in Germany – manufactured according to current EC Cosmetics Directives

This treatment is combined with a spa or medical pedicure and is not a  stand alone treatment on its own.

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