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Microneedling, Nappage, Mesotherapy, Fibroblast, Chemical peels. Do you really know which treatment you need to address your skin care issue? Which  products should I use
is a question we are frequently asked, We highly recommend that you have a facial consultation so that we prescribe the right products and treatments for you as an individual.
As we all have skin that ages over time, we are all looking for ways to try and slow this process down. We can never stop it, but can reduce the ageing process for as long as possible.
Chronological aging differs from person to person. We all know someone who does not seem to age. This is often down to care and maintenance.
Environmental aging is up to 80% of the aging effect of the skin. An environmentally damaged skin presents with clinical signs of premature aging or photo ageing, for different skin types. The factors of this are usually UV radiation (sun) heat and humidity, smoking and alcohol, pollution, stress and poor nutrition.
As skin care therapists, Caroline and Ann have both had all of the above treatments and we have to say each treatment has the right effect and desired results, at the right time. We have a combination of  all of the above treatments at different times.
We may do needling for collagen promotion.
Chemical peel to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, eradicate dead cells and promote new cell growth, thus creating a radiant glow,
We may then follow this a few weeks later with a Dermaglow (dermaplane and light peel). This treatment removes peach fuzz  and is exfoliating, as well as again leaving the skin with a radiant glow.
Ann and Caroline have a home care routine of cleansing, re-surfacing, barrier repair and active serums and moisturisers. to continue to enhance the treatments we have received. It is so important that you maintain your skin health after treatments  or their is no point in spending your money on treatments.
Products  what a minefield 
We can not stress the importance of using the right products.  Many of us are led by commercials and celebrities who are being paid a stupid amount of money. Most of these products have very little active ingredients and at the end of the day all you are doing is moisturising dead skin cells.
We will only recommend products that have active ingredients and will be beneficial for you. Our products are scientifically proven and backed up with clinical data, not an actress telling you how to say ‘hyaluronic’
Our intention as skin care therapists, is to give your skin as much help as it needs to slow down the ageing process. We are unable to stop ageing, but by working together, we can work with you, to help slow it down.
Why not book a consultation with us and we can both discuss the concerns and issues that you wish to address.

Areas of most concern are usually

Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Smokers Lines Around The Lips
Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
Large Pores

Stretch Marks
Sun Damage

Aged, Sagging Skin
hair restoration
Dehydrated Skin
Lines And Wrinkles

During the consultation, we will perform a deep double cleanse, then we will do a thorough examination and skin analysis. This is where we can address your skin concerns, to then work out which treatment plan would be best for you and explain what the treatment is and why we think it would be beneficial for your skin care needs.
We will talk about the products you are currently using.
Your life style and diet, as these are important to maintain homeostasis of the skin. Please don’t worry, we are not judgemental as we like the odd glass of wine and cream cake.
We will address other factors, such as environmental and sun exposure. All of which will have detrimental, contributing factors to ageing your skin.
Quite a few of our customers book a treatment that may not address the main issue that they have booked.in for. This is why an initial skin consultation is so important. We are passionate about your skin health.
Please book your consultation. We can prescribe the best treatment plan for you,
Consultation  double cleanse skin analysis and deeply hydrating facial with LED light therapy treatment  only £50.00
Please allow 1 hour
We only use the best beneficial ingredients that are CE certified in all of our treatments





















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