Sports Therapy Masssage

Book NowAnn is trained in sports massage therapy, Tui-na (Chinese medical massage) and uses Western medical needling and Chinese fire cupping to accompany her holistic approach to resolve sports injuries.

1 Hour full body £50.00

30 minutes  Back, neck, shoulder or lower body, legs £30.00

Massage or systematic rubbing and manipulation of the tissue of the body and is most probably, one of the oldest of all means used for the relief of body infirmities.

Sports massage is the technique of kneading and manipulating soft tissue to help prevent sports injuries, treat injuries already incurred and improve physical performance.

As participating in sports become more popular at all ages, and performances improve from year to year, more is demanded of the athlete. This can mean that performances, which were outstanding 20 years ago are now common place. Mentally, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Athletes are pushing themselves to deliver more and more, and they are looking for innovative and effective ways to improve their performances.

At The Hub our sports massage therapist Ann, will take a medical history to ascertain relevant information about your health past and present, about your sports in particular and about any injuries you may have incurred. Each treatment will be unique to you the patient, your sport, your state of fitness or injury and your athletic goals.

Throughout the session several adapted test for strength, suppleness and pain-free range of movement may be undertaken. Treatment should be mainly “hands on” using a combination of massage and exercises to strengthen and release soft tissue(muscle, fascia and tendons) and to increase range of movements in joints.

Massage techniques used may include trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, soft tissue release, acupressure and more. Remedial massage may be appropriate to treat injuries. You will feel more energised and ready for action.

Pre-event massage

Sports massage is an effective way of preparing for events and caring for athletes after the event. Effects can be psychology as well as physical. Pre-event massage is used to warm and loosen up the muscular system and sharpen neuromuscular communications ready for action. It is also seen as a vital part of the routine psychological preparation.

Post-event massage

After the event, massage is a popular adjunct to the warming down exercise routine and can in some cases, where a warm down is not possible, replaces this altogether. It has the effects of loosening and releasing muscles and increasing localised vascular and lymphatic activity to speed the removal of by-products of athletic activity, e.g. hydron ions (some times known as “lactic acid”) and the waste products from increased cell metabolism. Massage after a challenging training session or after an event or a match can help to eliminate subsequent muscle soreness, particularly if administered 2 to 6 hours after an event. Psychologically it acts as a closure to the event and gives the athlete time to reflect. After a sports events sports massage, you will feel physically and mentally relaxed

At The Hub, we are able to provide massage that is also not related to sports injuries. We can assist in helping to relieve stress, anxiety and offer a therapeutic one to one sessions with our clients. Our reputation is renowned for our caring, having a confidential professional approach, and being person centred to each individual.

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