Facial sculpting with Ann

Sculptural face lifting is the rejuvenation of the face, without having facial surgery.sculpting face massage

Sculptural face lifting is all about using natural techniques of strengthening and deeply relaxing movements, to assist with reducing wrinkles and toning up the muscles of the face and neck area. During a session of sculptural face lifting, the muscles of the face and neck are being trained by the skilful hands of Ann. It is like going to the gym for the face. As a result, the muscles acquire the correct tone and help to resist gravitational effects.

Ann has trained with the internationally renowned master of his field, Yakov Gershkovich and is now offering this special facial treatment as a course of six treatments, ideally every fortnight for 3 months. After the course of treatments, the client can then look forward to maintaining the facial sculpting every month or whenever it suits them.

By using these facial techniques on muscles, this in turn, creates a very relaxing experience and triggers the lymphatic system to excrete toxins from not only the face, but the body. That is why your therapist will encourage you to drink plenty of water, before and after your treatment.

Sculptural face lifting has a therapeutic effect on the facial muscles and nerves. Through this stimulation, we are encouraging the blood supply up to the facial muscles, to bring oxygen and encourage new tissue to regenerate and so the appearance and elasticity of the skin is created over a period of time.

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