Spartan massage


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WARNING not for the faint hearted.

30 mins for £30.00   1 hour £45.00

This massage focuses on extreme deep tissue using techniques from ancient Greek and Roman times.

Galen, 130 AD, physician to the School of Gladiators at Pergamos, as a preparation for the exercises, ordered the bodies of the combatants to be rubbed until they were red. Galen was also the physician to many emperors and used massage therapy to treat many different types of physical injuries and diseases. He believed in exercise, healthy diet, rest and massage as essential pieces in restoring and maintaining a healthy body. While the wealthy received massages in their homes by personal physicians, many Romans were treated in public baths where trainers and doctors gave massages

Body builders will definitely want to experience a  Spartan deep muscle massage after every intensive workout. Prolonged, heavy exercise will almost inevitably cause damage not only to muscles, but also to tendons, joints, and ligaments. Probing deeply into the muscles, the masseur will use pressure and manipulation to help return the tissues to normal.

Knots of scar tissue can also be broken up by this type of  Spartan massage. Unlike a standard massage, Spartan deep tissue massage will usually involve some level of discomfort as the masseur’s hands penetrate into the muscles and other connective tissues. The strokes used during a deep tissue massage will not only be delivered more slowly than is usual, but will also go across the grain of the muscle.

In many cases, the massage therapist will use not only his or her fingers to deliver the massage, but also the elbows, forearms, hands, and knuckles. At times, special instruments of stone, metal, wood, or even glass will be used during this type of massage. Your therapist will also make sure that you breathe deeply during the massage to provide plenty of oxygen for the muscles as they are being manipulated.

Many body builders consider that deep tissue massages are essential to building the massive, sculpted muscles demanded by this discipline.

Spartan massage  is for sports enthusiasts including body builders, weight lifters, rowers and those who regularly work upper body muscles. This type of massage is also very beneficial for people who suffer from bad backs, shoulders and neck problems. This massage will increase your range of movement thus helping improve performance and flexibility


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