Bowen Therapy

Book NowBowen Therapy is the gentle manipulation of muscles, tendons or ligaments and periods of rest which enable the body to realign and repair itself. It is a relative new therapy, being created in the 1970’s by Mr Tom Bowen in Australia, he believe that long term treatments were not necessary and that most problems should be resolved in between 1-3 treatments.

Bowen is a very gentle treatment which at times seems to simple to be effective, but for many people it is the solution they have been looking for. It has been proved to be effective for all ages from neonates to the elderly and can be used in pregnancy. It can be done over lose clothing if preferred and if clients find lying down difficult it can be done seated. A typical session is about 40 minutes depending on the issue being addressed.

The Bowen moves are simple, people react to them differently but the periods of rest are just as important allowing time for the messages from the move to reach the brain and return to enable a reaction. Many clients experience a warm, tingle during this time, some simply relax, whilst others just wonder why the therapist has disappeared! After a therapy clients may feel worse for a while before they feel better, as their body adjusts to the new messages, this is where hydration is really important. As with many therapy’s it is necessary to be hydrated, allowing the messages to travel through the body more effectively  and it is advised not to be used in conjunction with other therapies which would negate the positive benefits of Bowen by confusing the body.

The Bowen technique can be used to help many physical problems from migraines to bunions, back problems to digestive issues. Clients have also reported an improvement in energy levels and well being.

If you have tried many other treatments with little or no success it is now time to discover Bowen therapy, In my experience you wont look back!

Mandy Williams- Bowen Therapist

I have been an advocate of Bowen therapy for the past 20 years and when the opportunity to study and qualify as a practitioner presented itself I grabbed it. It has been a real treat learning the anatomy and physiology as well as developing the techniques to help clients, I am now registered with the Bowen association.

Through my own personal experience of the success of Bowen therapy both physically and emotionally I wanted to help others as I have been helped.

The satisfaction when the client says they feel better is worth as much to me as the client.

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