RIOX CO2 Facial Treatment

RIOX CO2  Mask Benefits; Matrix formation, blood vessel growth,  anti-bacterial, tissue repair, promotes growth factor communication

Results;  cell regenerates, waste products removed, collagen stimulated,  bacteria killed

Carboxy gel is a natural way of excreting waste matter from the skin and providing nutrients and oxygen to feed, nourish regenerate and balance. by increasing the Co2 concentration within the skin it naturally leads to a decrease on ph which will result in the release of oxygen

The Riox carboxy therapy facial improves the skin oxygenation  immediately following treatment, which in effect results in an artificial Bohr effect,The chemical reaction that takes place effectively helps to remove unwanted toxins from the skin whilst at the same time increasing skin nutrition  The active ingredients will improve skin elasticity, strengthening skin pores, resulting in a reduction of size over a course of treatments. expression lines will be reduced, the skin will feel firmer and look more radiant as skin tone is balanced

Treatment Time 1 hour;  £65.00 or book a course of 3 for only £180.00.

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