MINA Henna Brows

Mina Henna brows now available at The Hub New Mills. Mina  Henna brow treatments gives a stunning brow comparable to the look you get from semi-permanent make up, without any “needles or pain”. Mina Henna is fantastic for also colouring those stubborn grey hairs. The effects can last up to six weeks on the hair depending on the skin type, cleansing routines and other products that might be applied to the skin.

The treatment involves shaping, trimming, plucking and waxing to achieve the perfect Henna Brow.

Mina Henna has a range of eight colours from the darkest black to baby blonde shades. Even better Mina Henna contains no LEAD or AMMONIA which means only more gorgeous chemical free eyebrows.

Mina Henna has been tested and regulated by U.K EU compliance. Vegan friendly,organic and not tested on animals.


Introductory offer until the end of February 2019 £20.00. You have to be patch tested for this treatment.

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