Microsclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating superficial thread veins (telangiectasia, commonly known as Red Veins). The thread veins are treated by injecting a solution called a sclerosing agent into the veins. Microsclerotherapy has been safely and effectively performed since 1920’s.

In order to obtain the best results a number of treatment sessions to each area may be required. This is dependent on the extent and nature of the vein and the individual reaction.

Normally between two and six sessions will be required and the treatment intervals range between and 6-12 weeks. So for extensive thread veins there is no quick win and can take months and even up to a year to complete treatment.

Compression tights/ support stockings will need to be worn post treatment for 3 days ( day and night) and then for a following week during the day only. You can either buy the tights yourself or they can be provided on day of treatment at an extra cost.

Contraindications for treatment are: pregnancy or breastfeeding, history of deep vein thrombosis, allergy to sclerosing agent, severe muscle atrophy, severe lymphoedema, thrombophilia clotting disorders, immunodeficiency or use of immuno suppressants, recurrent cellulitis, long haul flights.

The treatment will not be as effective for people with varicose veins as there is a higher rate of thread vein reappearance.

If you are interested is having the treatment please call the The Hub and arrange for a consultation with the nurse.  Treatments start from £100 per treatment, for more extensive veins £150 per treatment.

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