Ear Wax Removal

Introducing Microsuction for Ear Wax Removal at The Hub New Mills. with Sara Jane Randall BSc (Hons) Registered Nurse Prescriber at the Hub New Mills.

Microsuction ear wax removal is simple, clean and safe. It is undertaken using a microscope and a medical suction device. A very thin suction probe is fitted to the end of the tube and the wax is gently removed from the canal. Microsuction is the safest and most comfortable method of earwax removal, no liquids are used during the procedure. A video otoscope will show you the condition of the ear before and after the treatment.

Usually the microsuction does not need pre treatment drops but Earol drops can be used two days before treatment to help the process.

The nurse practitioner has been trained by a specialist company called The Hearing Lab which provides training for medical and health professionals in order to provide a safe and effective service. The procedure is the safest way to remove ear wax because the professional can see everything they are doing. The canal and ear wax is directly viewed whilst being removed making the procedure quicker, safer and more comfortable for the patient.

Please click on the link for a video of the procedure.


£40 for 1 ear and £60 for both ears.

Offer price till the end of July 2018

£30 for 1 ear and £40 for both ears.

Mobile service available for the elderly – £5 travel charge for the local surrounding area.

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